HD’s AI work began with a two-year dialogue process with a group of Chinese, American, and international experts on reducing the risk of military systems enabled with AI. This led to a draft Code of Conduct on Artificial Intelligence in Military Systems, a set of voluntary standards which was published in 2021. This Code of Conduct outlines measures that would make AI systems safer and decrease the likelihood of accidental or intentional weapons use in conflict. HD’s efforts are now shifting to dialogue and training with a broader set of states that have an interest in artificial intelligence in military systems.

In 2023, HD will launch awareness-raising training for representatives of foreign and defence ministries about risks and mitigation measures available for AI-enabled military systems and avenues for participation in systems of restraint. The goal of this training is for government officials, military commanders, technology designers, and legal experts to be more aware of the legal, technical and policy issues relevant to mitigating the risk of AI-enabled weapons systems. Further work may involve a structured dialogue with interested states on codifying risk mitigation measures in one or more agreements. This work is housed in HD’s Digital Conflict directorate. There will also be the opportunity to scope and develop work on other emerging technologies (e.g. outer space).

Starting date: February 2022

Full-time or part-time role

Key responsibilities are:

• Lead the development of HD’s artificial intelligence and emerging technologies project and oversee its overall performance;
• Manage staff and consultants working on artificial intelligence and emerging technologies within HD, delegating tasks and supervising their day-to-day performance;
• Serve as focal point for HD’s external stakeholders on the topic of artificial intelligence and emerging technologies, attending meetings, panels or events where relevant;
• Bring in relevant technical outside expertise and forging of partnerships where required
• Contribute to fundraising efforts by meeting and briefing HD donors

The successful candidate should meet the following criteria:

• Minimum of 10 years’ experience working at the intersection of technology, diplomacy, and conflict;
• Demonstrated understanding of artificial intelligence and emerging technologies;
• Masters’ degree in a relevant field;
• Strong project management and coordination skills;
• Demonstrated experience leading and managing small teams;
• The ideal candidate should be politically astute, have strong organisational and communication skills, and be capable of writing clearly and concisely in English. Other language skills are a plus.

If you are interested in this position and meet the required criteria defined above, please send your resume along with a short cover letter in a single PDF file by 15 January 2023 to hrgeneva@hdcentre.org. Please indicate “Project Lead AIET” in the subject line of your e-mail.
HD is an equal opportunity employer.