On 17-19 May, a cross-section of Libyans from all parts of the country, from diverse backgrounds and different political orientations, came together in Geneva at the invitation of the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue.

The meeting was informal and participants came in their personal capacities.

As the meeting was taking place, tragic events occurred which once again wasted Libyan lives unnecessarily. The participants deeply regretted these events and called for an end to the military escalation.

In fact, this meeting aimed to avoid any such tragedies in the future.

Arabic version of the communiqué is here.

The participants discussed a number of issues in a constructive and sincere manner, including how to:

  • concretely promote the stability of Libya
  • preserve its national resources from destruction and theft, and ensure that all Libyans benefit from them equally
  • preserve Libyan sovereign institutions from political and regional divisions
  • support local authorities in their efforts  to provide basic services directly to citizens, and strengthen their role in preserving the social fabric
  • respond to the humanitarian needs of all components of Libyan society and promote comprehensive social and political reconciliation
  • build unified and effective state institutions

This meeting was the second of its kind and the Centre for Humanitarian dialogue will continue in its efforts to support a durable and inclusive solution to the ongoing crisis in Libya and reach a lasting peace.

Geneva, 19 May 2017