The Fulani, Dogon and Dafing communities of the municipality of Ouenkoro in the area (‘circle’) of Bankass in the Mali region of Mopti, signed a peace agreement on Friday 16 August 2019, which seeks to put an end to more than a year of intercommunal conflict.

The Agreement is the result of mediation efforts initiated a month ago by the local authorities and members of the municipality with the support of the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue (HD).

It was signed in Ouenkoro by leaders of the three communities as well as representatives of the Dogon and Fulani communities’ self-defence armed groups.

Through this Agreement, the parties have committed to:

  • Ceasing and preventing any resort to violence;
  • Facilitating the swift return of the people who have moved to Mopti, Bamako and Burkina Faso as a result of the armed clashes;
  • Contributing to the lifting of embargoes imposed on villages and markets in the municipality of Ouenkoro;
  • Opposing the theft of livestock regardless of which community the owner is a member of, and returning the stolen animals to their owners;
  • Encouraging community leaders to commit themselves to peace through the dissemination of messages of cohesion and appeasement;
  • Disseminating the Agreement at community-level and keeping the communities regularly informed of progress in its implementation.

Read the Ouenkoro Peace Agreement is available here.

The parties have also committed to approaching all of the armed groups operating in the municipality – whether they come from Mali or the neighbouring municipalities of Barani, Din and Kombori in Burkina Faso – in order to ensure they respect the signatory parties’ wish for peace.

The conflict, which originates from a competition for access to natural resources, was compounded by the strong presence of community armed groups in the area (‘circle’) of Bankass as well as clashes between jihadist groups and state forces in the Mopti region.

The Ouenkoro Agreement is part of HD’s mediation efforts in support of the stabilization of the border regions between Mali, Niger and Burkina Faso.

HD would like to express its gratitude to Canada for its support to its activities in the region.