Almoustapha Amadou joined HD in 2014 to develop the organisation’s strategic plan for agro-pastoral mediation and conflict prevention related to transhumance in the border regions of Mali, Niger and Burkina Faso. After detailed discussions with the communities, he developed a methodology based on their ancestral methods of conflict resolution. The aim was to rekindle trust between communities on both sides of borders that had been weakened due to the Malian conflict of 2012. Almoustapha has a degree in agricultural engineering from the Malian Institut Polytechnique Rural de Katibougou. His previous work includes 15 years as an adviser on pastoralism and natural resources management for the Netherlands Development Organization (SNV). In addition, he has carried out various studies and projects on pastoral resource management in nomadic areas and has worked to strengthen rural organizations in their dialogue with the authorities on pastoral resource management.