Certified in conflict management, Amanaya Irrichid has spent 17 years working for development programs at various NGOs. His experience includes work as a consultant and expert in pastoralism and culture of peace for SNV-Niger in the border areas of Niger and Mali. He has served as coordinator of the NGO AHAROG and as president of the Office of Conciliation of NGOs and development associations (Chambre de Concertation des ONG et Associations de Development) in northern Niger. In addition, he has  managed several projects, including a USADF-funded initiative for rehabilitation and creation of water points for pastoral use, a SNV-funded assistance to camel milk trade, and a UNDP-funded campaign to strengthen trust-based relations between defence and security forces and the communities living in northern Niger. He was previously secretary general and resource person of the regional committee for peace in Tahoua. Amanaya joined HD as Mediation Advisor in Niger in 2015.