The Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue (HD) is pleased to release a video about the ongoing dialogue that the organisation is facilitating between the main branches of Islam in Mali.

Accompanying this release is the publication of a series of stories about the mediation carried out by religious actors trained and brought together by HD to encourage intra-religious dialogue in North and Central Mali.

Stories in English

Stories in French

In 2012, the jihadist groups that occupied North and Central Mali introduced a brand of Islam that advocated the unrestricted application of Sharia law. Despite the crimes committed by these groups, some communities nevertheless perceive them to be the purveyors of security and equality in the application of justice.

Jihadist influences polarised communities and fostered tension among the diverse branches of Islam.

It was in this context that HD began facilitating intra-religious dialogue in 2015 among nearly 200 local imams, ulema, Quranic masters and other leaders of Islamic associations.

Organised into six religious-consensus-building committees in Gao, Tombouctou, Mopti, Taoudéni, Ménaka and Ségou, these local leaders were tasked to contribute to easing intra-religious tensions, as well as to prevent and manage local communal or religious conflicts.

The Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue would like to thank the Kingdom of Denmark for supporting HD’s activities in Mali since 2011, which have since contributed to national and international stabilisation efforts in the country.