The Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue (HD) has joined the Smart Peace consortium, a global group of specialist organisations which will develop an innovative four-year conflict resolution programme to address the challenges of building sustainable peace in some of the world’s most fragile and conflict-affected regions.

The consortium, led by Conciliation Resources, consists of the International Crisis Group, HD, the Asia Foundation, ETH Zurich, Behavioural Insights Team and Chatham House.

Drawing together networks and expertise in a variety of fields including mediation and conflict resolution practice and techniques, conflict analysis, data research, monitoring and evaluation, and behavioural change, it will explore how different approaches to dialogue and mediation can better adapt and respond to shifting political processes and overcome obstacles to achieving peace.

Combining a range of international and local practitioners and policymakers, the consortium will formulate, implement, and evaluate strategic and adaptable conflict resolution interventions in a variety of fragile countries, engaging with local communities and stakeholders.

The insights from the programme will seek to help communities, international NGOs and governments to plan and implement peace strategies with greater confidence.

The four-year Smart Peace programme will be funded through the United Kingdom’s (UK) Department for International Development’s (DFID) Aid Connect award. HD wishes to express its gratitude to DFID for its support to this initiative.