As HD adapts to rapid shifts in geopolitics and conflict, we are evolving as an organisation and as peacemakers.

Here is HD’s Global Strategy 2024-2027 to download, read and share.

Overall, HD aims to deepen our global reach and strengthen our identity as a trusted, impartial and independent mediation actor.

The goals and objectives in the strategy will guide us in a turbulent, polarised world by building on HD’s founding principles, 25 years of results, constant learning and exciting new approaches to peacemaking.

As always, the efforts and dedication of our people are integral to our ability to resolve conflict, reduce suffering and secure lasting peace.

In short, HD has three main goals:

Goal 1 – Deliver valuable peacemaking results

Goal 2 – Strengthen mediation practice and policy

Goal 3 – Ensure HD’s organisational resilience

Each goal includes objectives and actions to connect the new strategy to the realities of our work – from complex, multidimensional conflicts and the rising risks of inter-state war to evolving threats from climate change, social media and artificial intelligence.   

Within this more uncertain world are opportunities for HD on multiple levels.

We will intensify our work on inclusive peace processes and our informal diplomacy as states look for ways to manage tensions.

We will expand our climate-related mediation, our use of data and our digital expertise.

We will be more agile and effective as an organisation, a peacemaking partner and a leader in mediation.