Peace brings obvious benefits for people and societies but the innovation and persistence to make peace require substantial and lasting investment.

Over the last two decades, HD’s funding has come from an increasingly diverse range of donors who see the value and effectiveness of our private diplomacy and mediation model built on independence, impartiality, discretion, innovation and constant evaluation.

As a non-profit organisation based in Switzerland, HD receives strategic support and targeted project funding that are both fundamental to our operations.

Strategic support helps to safeguard HD’s independence, improve operational effectiveness and drive innovation. The flexible funding also allows HD to respond rapidly to emerging conflicts and new opportunities.

Targeted project funding, which makes up the majority of donor support, enables HD to run a global and diverse portfolio of initiatives.

Alongside inaugural donors such as Switzerland, Norway and Sweden, HD’s key supporters now include Germany, the Netherlands, Canada, Denmark, the UK, Australia, Ireland and others, along with the multilateral bodies of the European Union and the United Nations.

HD also gets funding from a number of private foundations.

Continued support from existing donors – along with new funding from philanthropic organisations – will be vital to the growth and success of HD’s initiatives in an uncertain world where the effectiveness of traditional diplomacy has struggled to keep pace.

We welcome interest from government agencies and private foundations in helping HD to build a better future with comprehensive peace agreements that reduce the human suffering caused by war and create the conditions for stability and development for millions of people.

To explore ways to support HD’s peacemaking work, please contact Chris Rotas, Head of Donor Relations at

Photo: Community mediators in the Sahel. © HD