HD plays a niche role in humanitarian mediation and engagement with our ability to connect with armed groups and communities in conflict zones that are often beyond the reach of conventional humanitarian efforts and diplomacy.

Where political dialogue may be difficult or impossible, our Humanitarian Mediation Programme enables conflict parties to address key issues ranging from the protection of civilians and safe access for aid agencies to the special needs of women and children, displaced people and minority groups.

Overall, HD aims to improve the commitment to humanitarian protection principles by conflict parties and promote the inclusion of adequate humanitarian safeguards in peace processes.

Humanitarian mediation complements and supports peace efforts by keeping open discreet channels of communication and providing a valuable process to build confidence and trust.

Often, humanitarian activities also offer a way to begin dialogue on conflict resolution and engage with non-state actors who may be excluded otherwise, as well as with UN agencies and aid organisations.

Alongside efforts to contain the COVID-19 pandemic, HD maintains existing projects to facilitate access for health-related activities, including vaccinations in high-risk areas.