From Ethiopia, Somalia and Sudan to Nigeria, Mozambique and beyond, HD works on dozens of regional and local conflicts fuelled by ethnic and religious tensions, political rivalries and climate change.

In Ethiopia, HD has supported mediation initiatives between the government and the Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front, worked with the Inter-Religious Council of Ethiopia to reduce tensions in the Oromia region and helped with preparations for an inclusive national dialogue.

In neighbouring Somalia, HD has helped to defuse tensions by supporting the holding of elections and has promoted dialogue to improve relationships between the federal government and the federal member states.

In Nigeria, Africa’s largest economy and most populous country, the Middle Belt states have suffered from conflict over natural resources, stoking ethno-religious tensions and resulting in further bloodshed.

After three major intercommunal agreements in 2015 and 2016, HD started a conflict resolution process in Benue State in 2017 involving 10 ethnic groups to encourage dialogue and harmony among farmers, herders and communities with diverse views and positions.

HD’s efforts have resulted in numerous dialogue sessions, a network of peace monitors and a peace agreement among 22 clans from the Agatu community covering the sharing of natural resources and the safe return of thousands of displaced people.

As part of our initiatives to limit online hostilities, HD brokered a landmark social media peace agreement among the Bache, Fulani and Irigwe ethnic groups in Plateau state that commits them to reducing harmful behaviour online and promoting peaceful co-existence.

In the northeastern states of Borno and Yobe, HD engages with various groups to foster greater cohesion in communities threatened by Boko Haram attacks and acute socio-economic hardship.

In Mozambique, HD supports an inter-faith dialogue process in the north and works with local and regional experts to deepen understanding of the political, religious and ethnic nuances of the conflict.

Since the military coup in Sudan in October 2021, HD has worked on bridging the gap between central authorities and outlying regions, advised on implementation of the Juba Peace Agreement and convened a series of town hall meetings in eastern states.

In South Sudan, HD has promoted connections and dialogue to improve the humanitarian situation. With Reconcile International, HD has organised dialogue sessions to strengthen civilian-military relationships.

Photo: Signing of a peace agreement on the sharing of natural resources by clans from the Agatu community in northern Nigeria. © HD