From instability across the Sahel to coups, conflicts and rising geopolitical tensions in central and western Africa, HD promotes dialogue and builds peace from ground level to high level.

In the Sahel region, HD consults governments on engaging jihadist movements in peace talks and, by focusing on conflict management and preventing violence at the local level, creates pockets of progress for communities affected by conflict.

As climate change aggravates many conflicts, our networks help to resolve violent disputes over water, land and other resources.

HD supports more than 2,000 agro-pastoral mediators across the G5 Sahel states of Chad, Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger and Mauritania who have settled hundreds of micro-conflicts between farmers and pastoralists.

HD has brokered local agreements in Chad, Mali and Burkina Faso over management of resources and demarcated hundreds of kilometres of corridors for safe movement of cattle.

Cross-border meetings arranged by HD in the G5 Sahel countries have enabled networks to share information, increasing the effectiveness of mediation.

In Senegal, home to Africa’s oldest insurgency, meetings facilitated by HD have led to agreements on an ambitious roadmap to peace by the government and three factions of the MFDC separatist movement in Casamance.

Across Francophone Africa, HD has mediated dozens of local peace agreements by consulting extensively with women, youth, community leaders and religious groups.

The accords have allowed the return of tens of thousands of displaced people and the reopening of schools and clinics.

In Niger, HD has supported plans for stabilisation of the Diffa region bordering Nigeria that has suffered severely from Boko Haram attacks.

HD is also active in Togo to help counter a spillover of jihadist violence from across its border with Burkina Faso.

HD backs initiatives for negotiations in Cameroon by focusing on conflict management and de-escalating violence.

We also support international efforts to end years of turmoil in Central African Republic.

Photo: Community dialogue in Chad as part of HD’s mediation work in the Sahel. © HD