Our mission is to prevent and resolve armed conflicts through dialogue, mediation and discreet diplomacy.

Working on more than 75% of conflicts around the world, HD brings all parties together to find the path to peace. 

We are global and local, helping conflict parties to build a common vision of a better future with comprehensive and inclusive peace agreements that reduce the human suffering caused by war and create the conditions for stability and development.

Since 1999, HD has been achieving peace around the world – including the Aceh separatist conflict in Indonesia, the ETA insurgency in Spain, long-running violence in the southern Philippines and a decade of fighting and turmoil in Libya. 

With a focus on innovation, operations and results, HD runs mediation and peacemaking projects across Africa, the Middle East, Eurasia, Asia and Latin America.

Using our reach and networks, HD also supports humanitarian efforts by brokering ceasefires and helping to secure the safe passage of aid in high-risk areas.

HD’s strategy spells out these priorities:

  • Multi-level engagements with local, national and regional networks and tracks
  • Inter-state engagements supporting states to manage regional or bilateral disputes and prevent escalation
  • Local engagements with communities and local actors to resolve conflicts at ground level
  • Thematic expertise including gender-inclusive processes, environmental peacemaking and the impact of transnational crime

Click here for details of HD’s approach to mediation and our innovative Monitoring and Evaluation system.

HD is a Swiss-based non-profit organisation acting from principles of humanity, impartiality, neutrality and independence.

HD is supervised by an independent board, regularly reports to donors and undergoes financial audits every year.

We are deeply honoured to receive the Carnegie Wateler Peace Prize for 2022 in recognition of HD’s track record of conflict mediation and contributions to peace.

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Photo: General César Atoute Badiate of the Movement of Democratic Forces of Casamance signs an agreement with Senegal’s government on a roadmap for disarmament after talks supported by HD and the government of Guinea Bissau. © Guinea Bissau Presidential Office