HD works to promote dialogue and reduce tensions in the region – from helping to preserve vital fish stocks in the South China Sea to developing guidelines on the use of artificial intelligence in military systems.

In a time of profound geopolitical and economic change, HD uses various networks and forums to contribute to wider connections and communication across Northeast Asia and beyond.

HD initiated discussions between experts from Europe and China to address ways to reverse a deterioration in relations that could worsen tensions and threaten global stability.  

To reduce the risks of incidents at sea, HD has supported dialogue on maritime crisis management between the United States and China in the Western Pacific, with the aim of producing principles that can be observed by the two militaries.

With risks now increasingly digital, HD convened a two-year consultation process among officials and experts from the United States, China and the international community to develop a Code of Conduct on artificial intelligence in military systems.

To contribute to regional cooperation and maritime conservation in the South China Sea, HD supports efforts to create Common Operating Principles among high-level representatives from maritime law enforcement agencies and to analyse shared fish resources by scientists from China, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Vietnam.

HD has initiated dialogue among experts from Asia on the Korean Peninsula to look beyond deadlocked issues of nuclear disarmament and explore human security issues to generate wider options for engagement with Pyongyang, including a gender perspective.

Photo: Vietnamese and Chinese coast guard vessels in the South China Sea. © EPA