The Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue (HD) warmly congratulates Meredith Preston McGhie, HD’s Regional Director for Africa, on her new role as Secretary General of the Global Centre for Pluralism (GCP), an international centre based in Ottawa, Canada for research, education and exchange about the values, practices and policies of pluralist societies.

Meredith joined HD in 2007 as an advisor to the late Kofi Annan as part of the Kenya National Dialogue and Reconciliation process. She became the organisation’s Africa Regional Director in 2011, and has since facilitated several of HD’s discreet engagements in the region.

Focusing on various thematic areas including violent extremism, elections, inclusion of different actors and political transitions, Meredith has presided over many of the organisation’s initiatives, from HD’s efforts to defuse the post-election crisis in Liberia in 2011 to supporting the UN during the Djibouti process for Somalia.

She also set up HD’s Nigeria programme and nurtured HD’s first projects in Francophone Africa until it became a separate region of activity in the organisation.

“The cause of global pluralism needs a champion like Meredith,” said David Harland, HD’s Executive Director. “These are tough times for those who believe in a more open and tolerant world, and it’s great that Meredith will be helping to lead the fight back.”

HD thanks Meredith for her invaluable contribution to the organisation’s growth and for spearheading many of its initiatives in the past 13 years. HD also wishes Meredith all the best in her future endeavours as she takes on her new role as Secretary General of GCP.