As part of its regular consultations with Libyans, the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue (HD) facilitated a meeting from 12 to 14 February in Switzerland of more than 50 influential figures from Libya to examine the causes of the current crisis and solutions for urgently addressing it. 

The meeting brought together Libyan leaders from political, security, business and tribal backgrounds, who all participated in their personal capacity.

Various fabricated lists of participants circulated on social media in advance of the meeting. As a matter of professional practice, HD does not share lists of participants before meetings to protect the integrity of its dialogue processes.

The meeting particularly discussed how a national consultation process can be structured to find a solution to the current crisis, how the transition period can be brought to an end, and how central sovereign institutions and local authorities can be reinforced.

The United Nations’ Special Representative of the Secretary General to Libya, Dr. Ghassan Salamé, was invited by HD to join part of the discussion.

HD hopes that this meeting will complement its ongoing work to promote stability, reinforce local authorities and support the provision of basic services to citizens.