This report was completed in the framework of a collaborative project on multitrack approaches to peace processes. The insights in the report were principally drawn from a three-day retreat that took place in Sandö, Sweden from 16–18 September 2019, organised with the generous support of the Folke Bernadotte Academy.

The retreat was part of a project aiming to contribute to the following objectives: (1) Working with partners that engage in dialogue, negotiation and mediation initiatives supporting the prevention, management and resolution of intrastate and internationalised conflicts; (2) Exploring whether and how initiatives at multiple levels of society interact with each other in relation to the broader goal of achieving sustainable peace; and (3) Fostering conceptual understanding of, and developing practical guidance on, multitrack approaches to contemporary peace processes.

This initial report aims to frame existing debates around multitrack approaches to peace processes, present insights from practice and provide ideas for future research and informed practice