Season 4 starts now with the first of seven new episodes!

Listen here for a rare interview with Rustem Umerov as the Special Envoy of Ukraine’s president recounts the initial days of war, efforts to open dialogue with Russia and the difficulty of negotiating when the conflict is escalating.

“The first shooting started, the first bombs started landing to Ukrainian soil. So from that moment on, I was asked to establish channels of communication,” Umerov says in candid comments about the negotiations. “In three days, we established all the backdoor channels, discussed the agenda and were able to deploy a first mission.”

“When the trouble happens, you have to know your objectives,” he tells host Adam Cooper in the interview recorded on June 22 at the Oslo Forum retreat. “And our objective was to save lives.”

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We hope you enjoy this first episode with Rustem Umerov and the entire new season of The Mediator’s Studio.

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