Libya’s breakthrough ceasefire declarations — made one year ago today — are still holding. But regaining the momentum is vital to keep the process progressing, meet the aim of holding elections this year and achieve lasting peace.

After almost a decade of violence and turmoil, Libya gained its best prospects for peace in 2020, building on intensive work by the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue that allowed the UN to then relaunch and oversee the process.

Ceasefire declarations by both rival authorities last August led to the Montreux political agreement, the roadmap for peace, the signature of a permanent ceasefire by the 5+5 Joint Military Committee and the formation of a National Unity Government.

Progress with the process has now slowed again. HD calls on Libyans and all friends of Libya to redouble efforts to ensure the peace of the past year grows and becomes permanent.

This Deutsche Wella news story nicely captures the vigour and hope of a year ago.